2020 Update: New Portfolio/Site Design


So. I’ve been wanting to do this update for a long time now. The Workality theme was great, especially when it came to having a dedicated space for “work” posts vs. normal ones, but it was also somewhat limiting.

Problem was – I couldn’t find a theme I liked enough to actually make going through with the update 100%, worth it.

Honestly, I still couldn’t – at least, not one I could afford – so I just finally decided to concede and go with something that was the closest to what I might want.

That was Screen. Nice and minimal, and works with the Gutenberg update so I can finally start learning how to use that. Once I get better with it, I may start using it on ReviewHaven as well.

My latest work: Dragon’s Bone.

Take a look to the right, and you can see my newest work, “Dragon’s Bone” – a gnarl fractal, which is a style I’ve been learning to do lately.

I’ve made a lot of these over the last year or so, but none of them good enough to post anywhere until recently.

The first that I posted was Dream State which I was proud of, but felt could definitely be done better.

You can see more about Dragon’s Bone here on the portfolio as it’s also the first proper entry to it. I’ve also added all of my After Effects “Audio React” videos – well, almost all of them. Need to add the one I did for Symbion Project’s “Such Letting Go Is Love” as well.

They all have their own individual posts now, instead of being mashed into one. Just feels better that way – letting them all breathe on their own.

I’ve also added in a slightly better/deeper look at the inspiration/method behind how I created the A M P series of fractals a few years ago.

I think, though, that I need to figure out how to increase the upload limit on WordPress – as even with compression, some of the new image sizes that I need to use with this theme are fairly large, and 2MB isn’t cutting it anymore.

I should also work on getting a post on the SUMMONER series on here. That was the first fractal series I ever made, and was part of the reason I ended up making A M P in the first place.

I’m also going to see about getting my hosting limit lifted on x10hosting. I think I’m past the halfway point, but haven’t actually hit the limit. Hopefully I can.