Audio React | Juan Medrano – “Burn, Baby, Burn!” (OC Remix)

This was an audio react project I actually had to redo not too long ago. My old PC just couldn’t handle the scene combined with the bike – C4D was just extremely sluggish, so I had to pare things back to get it to work.

More Here:

This version was made after I got my new PC later that year and is much closer to what I actually wanted to do.

It’s not perfect (The wheel, for instance, I forgot to set the keyframes to linear so it would rotate constantly instead of slowly starting and stopping), but I’m much happier with it this time.

Though I don’t quite understand why it seems to be so low bitrate – I’m guessing YouTube compression killed it or something. (Also, the fade out at the end is a bit wonky.)

Made in Cinema 4D (The moving mountains/notorcycle/floor) & After Effects (CC2019).

Song: “Burn Baby, Burn” by Jaun Medrano (An OC Remix of “Outride A Crisis” from Super Hang-On, © SEGA