Fractal Series | AMP

AMP is a fractal series that I made back in 2016 after the release of Harmonix’s remake of Amplitude.

Amplitude at its core was a game that was special to me. It was one of the first PlayStation 2 games I ever played, one of the first rhythm games I ever played and was just overall one of my favorite PS2 games.

Around the time that PS2 HD Remasters started to be a thing, I really wished Amplitude would get that treatment. It never did.

And then 2016 rolls around. The PS4 has come out, and suddenly – Harmonix announces, not a remaster, not a remake, but a new Amplitude.

I’ve never donated to a Kickstarter before – but the moment I heard this was happening, I donated my last few dollars to the project – and then later donated more to ensure I could get the game when it launched.

12. Digital Paralysis

After playing the game when it finally came out, I was immediately struck with a want to create new fractals.

13. Energize

Every song was great – and I felt they nailed their initial concept: treating the game like a concept album that told a story. And since Amplitude was always a game about synesthesia, I felt like a series of fractals – each based on a track from the main OST of the game – that captured what I saw with each track would be a perfect fit.

My main goal was to have a common through point for each fractal – so they all started from the same base form, just tweaked different variables until they matched what I wanted.

Since the shape wasn’t going to drastically change, I decided that colors would be the best way to match the mood of each track.

10. Magpie

For instance, Magpie called forth a lot of outdoorsy imagery – so the color palette that I chose for the fractal was mostly green -leaves and grass, with a bit of yellow – sunlight.

On the other hand, a track like Digital Paralysis is a much more threatening mood. Things are going bad, it’s frustrating and panic inducing. As such, its palette felt very dark with a very bright, very angry red.

This project was one of the biggest undertakings I’d ever done – so it was super cool when the official Amplitude Twitter took notice of it and actually shared my work.

11. Supraspatial

15 total fractals – 1 for each main track in the game.

These fractals are all available on my various shops: Redbubble, Society6 & DesignByHumans.

Amplitude (2016) ©: Harmonix
Fractal Art Prints © 2016-Present: VENOMGRAPHICS