Gnarl Fractal | Dragon’s Bone

My latest fractal piece – “Dragon’s Bone“.

Full size, scaled preview of the fractal.

I’m still learning how to do Gnarls – they’re really finnicky and sensitive, which makes them really difficult to get right or adjust. Move a transform slightly too much and – poof – the whole form is gone.

It’s…really annoying, but also really satisfying when you get it right and see it take shape.

This is the second of the Gnarls that I’ve made so far – the first I never uploaded on the portfolio here, but it’s available on my Redbubble shop.

I’ve uploaded this one because I’m the proudest of it. With a bit of help from a couple of tutorials (Mainly the Gnarl Handbook by tatasz) I managed to figure out how they actually work – and do a far better job coloring it this time!

A 100% scale, smaller close up of the fractal showing details.

This is where the fractal gets its name – the gnarl ended up looking a bit like Dragon’s scales or bones in places.

I’m honestly glad to be back making fractals again. I’ve had a massive block lately – but I think I might actually be back into it. Having a PC that can render them reasonably fast now has definitely helped – but there was also a creative block that no amount of new hardware would really fix.

Another 100% scale smaller detail shot of the fractal.

I can’t say the block is 100% gone – but I’m definitely doing better now.

If you’d like to buy prints of this piece – it’s available on Redbubble.

A screenshot showing a mockup of the fractal being framed and hung on a wall in situ.

It comes in various forms – like the framed piece to the left, as well as metal prints, canvas prints, mugs and other items.

Every print sold helps me keep making art, so it’s greatly appreciated!

Redbubble handles everything on their end – from actually printing the piece to shipping it. If you have any questions about where you can ship to, or how long it might take, consult their FAQ here: