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My newest piece: Approaching Storm. Kicking off the new look with my latest piece as I’ve deleted literally everything else on the site!

Time for a fresh start this year.

There was so much sitting on the server that just…wasn’t being used. Hadn’t been for nearly 10 years.

It’s all gone! It does mean old links are now broken – but that’s a sacrifice that has to be made sometimes.

Hopefully doing that will also mean the site runs a bit faster overall.

It honestly feels good knowing I don’t have any old, terrible work on here anymore. It feels good to have a chance to start new. It’s also helped with some of the problems I’ve been having with themes – some of them were just…breaking for no discernable reason.

Ah well.

About The Piece

Not a lot to really say about this one. No big history, no big message. It’s just something I wanted to make. Which, truthfully, is what a lot of my art is. I just make what I like to see. Sometimes there’s inspiration behind it – and it’s usually obvious when there is.

As far as Approaching Storm is concerned – I was reminded of an older piece of mine, Winter Storm. I really liked that piece when I made it and wanted to make another in that same vein. So I did.

A few times. Until I finally got what I wanted.

This was somewhat of a pseudo-remake, hence the similar title (And yes, said title is also DMC influenced – because of course it is.).

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My stuff is often inspired by the games I play, music I listen to, and films I watch. Sometimes directly, other times it’s just a title.

This one is just the title – because it both looks like a storm in the distance and the piece that influenced it was also storm-like in appearance/name.

Also Vergil is my favorite DMC character and his new theme in DMC5: SE is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life.

Like I said earlier – there isn’t a lot to actually say about this piece. It came together pretty uneventfully.

I can say this piece also started my commitment to only focusing on 1 shop at a time, too. From now on, any piece I make will be exclusive to a specific store. This saves me having to create literally dozens of different versions of a piece to upload on different shops.

It was a lot of work, and was part of what was leading to my burnout from before. Not doing that anymore. The majority of my work will also likely focus on Redbubble as I’ve been there the longest and have made the most sales there.

Follow me there if you want to stay the most up-to-date on my work.

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Tools Of The Trade

  • Apophysis 7X 15B / An older version of Apophysis that works more nicely with some plugins I use. Used to build the fractal
  • Fractorium / Another free, open-source fractal program that uses GPU rendering. I use this to render my fractals as Apo is too slow.
  • Photoshop CC 2021 / Used to tweak colors after the final render. Sometimes I can’t get levels just right in either Apo or Fractorium, so I do it manually in Photoshop.
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